I couldn’t even come close to this moment
Without people beholden
To helping out
No end game in mind
No con, no gimmick
Just a friend who gave his or her
Advice, help and most importantly friendship
Keeping me in their minds as well as their hearts
So when they saw an opportunity and thought of me
Inevitably they let me know
Gave me a chance to grow
That I never would have had otherwise
This is true bliss actualized

Knowing I got a friend who’s got my back
So I can get back to living life
Not like an attack on the impossible
But rather embracing Love of what’s already on the table
Using this energy to fuel a sense of growth
Not worried about numbers or measurements
As there’s no standardized way to test this
Habitual sense of greatness comes one step at time
One line of a rhyme
Connecting two distant minds
Through choosing to shine
Letting music unwind tense shoulders and stressed spines
As we’re all just trying to find
A little relief from a Universe that mystifies the mind

Yet at the same time
Here we are in this together
Sharing experiences just like the weather
With each passing moment
A chance to make it better

Photographer: Brett Davies


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