Neuroplastic Transition


Now let me pass my thanks
For this booster shot
Urgency to move, I got
It flowing in my veins
Got it growing in my brain
Hero’s plot, the second stage
Sword of destiny, now in range
To write the other side of fate
To make, create, to break ‘n’ shake
Off self-ridicule, the mirror’s fool
Apathy’s riddle ruled and conquered
No longer stuck on the first step
Leaps and bounds towards the next breath
Placing my best bet
Reminded of passion to fasten ideas into action
This choice to live in dreams passing
Demons on cloud nine with a

This is my life to lose
I refuse time spent solely focused on the blues
Ignoring sunshine, sunrise, these daily rainbow hues
You must be deranged and confused to think I’d throw away the music
Wordplay fused in the melody
Hell fell, fella see, broken fallacy at the bass drop beat
Ping pong feet quickstep to the feature presentation
On both main stage and front row seat
To greet these shadows headstrong
Fear thawed and melted
Insecurity handled and dealt with
As confidence comes in rhyme
Heartbeat ‘n’ harmony intertwined

Photographer: Me

I wrote this to capture the feeling when someone amazing tells you that they believe and have faith in you. A feeling that can change the way your brain works.



I couldn’t even come close to this moment
Without people beholden
To helping out
No end game in mind
No con, no gimmick
Just a friend who gave his or her
Advice, help and most importantly friendship
Keeping me in their minds as well as their hearts
So when they saw an opportunity and thought of me
Inevitably they let me know
Gave me a chance to grow
That I never would have had otherwise
This is true bliss actualized

Knowing I got a friend who’s got my back
So I can get back to living life
Not like an attack on the impossible
But rather embracing Love of what’s already on the table
Using this energy to fuel a sense of growth
Not worried about numbers or measurements
As there’s no standardized way to test this
Habitual sense of greatness comes one step at time
One line of a rhyme
Connecting two distant minds
Through choosing to shine
Letting music unwind tense shoulders and stressed spines
As we’re all just trying to find
A little relief from a Universe that mystifies the mind

Yet at the same time
Here we are in this together
Sharing experiences just like the weather
With each passing moment
A chance to make it better

Photographer: Brett Davies


Currents of Love and Hate

An incredibly creative and skilled friend wrote to me this morning:

Some days I feel like
A hollow shell of talent.
Nothing to show but
Phenomenal works of drawing
To make the world believe
I have it all figured out.

Still barely woken, I had no quick response. I told her that I know what I wanted to say, just not how to articulate it. Told her to expect a poem sometime later tonight. Fortunately, my pen began to hit paper during my commute into work. Here’s my response:

For every breath in
Is followed by an exhale out
Much like confidence
There is no escape from doubt
But know you’re not alone
In trying to make sense of the unknown
For history has shown
There are currents that direct us
Flows of love and hate that build and wreck us
Each new moment, a blank canvas
An opportunity matched with responsibility
To share the Love with respect and dignity
A touch of humility
As you capture the hearts and minds
Of those in your vicinity
With pen in hand
Imagination is how you break free
And you already know it wont be easy

So let go of the illusion
That it will all make sense
Believe that your heart can and will
Reflect onto life’s canvas
That there’s no way to fully plan this

But we can create
Choose to make today great
Open the eyes to those still in a state
Of disillusionment
That their life is more than a passing moment
Your talent is incredible
Raise your chin and own it
Hold on to these emotions
By putting things in motion

For with your art, you express not your understanding
But rather, your imagination in a world of  your planning

I’m quite fortunate to have a friend in which I get to communicate via poem.

If you like coffee-cup art like this, then totally check out more of her work at:
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