Join Me

2010-02-28: Worshipping the Sun
I know you have the capacity
To treat your own self with animosity
Not afraid to attack who you’re trying to be
Whether or not it’s consciously
You seem to battle constantly
Between competing desires
Of both motivation and apathy

Look back over the past few years
Though change has been plenty
We still share the same hopes and same fears
Unable to shake these same tears
Mistakes aplenty like one too many beers

My friend, I need you to listen close
And close your eyes
Open them to this surprise
That here you are, so alive
Take a breath and recognize
Your heart’s still pumping
Soul still thumping
With a brain whose memories remain intact
In fact, already aware that this moment won’t last

Hear my words and let me ask
What if you decided to pass
Pass on the things that you know will hurt you
Skip over the part when you feel Love desert you
Instead join me here in this moment
A renewed chance to continue to grow yet
The road ahead that no one can know yet
Your life is now, it’s time to just own it

Photo: 2004-02-28: Worshipping the Sun  by  Will Green

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