Happiness Resonation

We are the universe
Among these stars lay our own verse
Of a song sung by everything in existence
Every breath of life dancing to each passing instance
Of impending death advancing, yet still in the distance

The line between where we start and where we end
Is as blurry as it’ll ever be, to know is just pretend
For in this very second
This fleeting moment of time
Here is consciousness aware of being alive
Able to experience the days and the nights
The darks and the lights
Wrongs and rights
All seem to come together
When understanding one does not exist without the other
As ‘yes’ is what gives meaning to the definition of ‘no’
To understand hot, you must also think of cold
A persistent polarity revealing the secrets I wish to know

That a life of happiness can only be led by living one with sadness in tow
While resonating with our World, and always choosing to grow

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