Today You Triumpth

Something about living right feels so amazing
Once that inner fire is lit, just let it keep blazing
No, the road isn’t easy to allow your heart to keep displacing
All your fears and doubts before life starts fading
It’s the heres and nows that require your attention
This very moment is the ultimate lesson
Not yesterday
Not tomorrow
Today is the moment to no longer borrow

For time is not a currency that can be repaid
Dreams are meant to be lived
Not merely stashed away
Hoping for another day
Praying for the energy to come your way

You don’t exist alone and you’re not the only one
Who has unfinished business with matters of the heart
Take these words in and let them kickstart your path to playing the better part
As we’re all just acting between the roles of hero and villain
Often depending on the day, it’s one way or the other
For one reason or another, we either triumph or we suffer

Photographer: Chris Sardegna


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