A Glorious Life

Dreams don’t come around so easily
Not with lazy days sitting so idle
It takes some effort, a level of consistency

Break away from your hardening denial
Let go of how it was meant to be
Unknown destiny, life was never a trial

But simply a moment to hear and see
Able to perceive from galaxies to the atomic
Slowly solving the puzzle, the mystery

Able to see life much like a blank comic
Where each panel was left to be made
By the stroke of your brush and a little bit of logic

This is the dance before all we know must fade
So in the end let us cherish that we gloriously played

Photographer: Sebastian Marchand

I‘m currently in a poetry workshop where we have to experiment with different forms. This poem is following the Terza Rima scheme:

Terza rima is a rhyming verse stanza form that consists of an interlocking three-line rhyme scheme. It was first used by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. (Terza rima – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Dance to Life

Zedd at  Arena Monterrey en Parque Fundidora, Monterrey N.L.

Zedd at Arena Monterrey en Parque Fundidora, Monterrey N.L.

Begets moments of relief
Small wins to weave together
Stories of growth
Joys and sorrows
The mixture of both
A story of hope
Choosing to hold onto a lifeline’s rope

A continuous experience
Of unpredictable situations
With memorable sensations
From crippling doubt to sweetest elations
Here we exist in this world of temptations
World of frustrations

But once you see life as a single chance
To grow into the best romance
Falling in love with your own heart’s dance
Life starts to feel a bit enhanced
When overcome with emotions as abundant as oceans
Losing one’s soul to the flow of their motions
Heartbeat inducing rhythm eroding dark notions

That there is a certain way to be
That we do not live free
Instead we dance for you and for me
We dance because we can
Because it makes us happy


Zedd – At Arena Monterrey en Parque Fundidora, Monterrey N.L.