Nightly Musing


It seems to be mystery
this answer lost in history, whispering
about how life can survive
when it seems to break so easily
while growing so consistently
like branching leaves on trees
that dance in breeze, stretched out for sunlight beams
then die and freeze in frostbite scenes
right before Springtime to be signed up for brand new lease
on universal self recognition
found in stardust of far fusions spiraled into playful illusions
of humans with flaws and fates of their choosing

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash


The universe isn’t out to get me
Its there waiting for a bit more understanding
To know we can’t understand it
And how we often take for granted
The laws of physics in a continuous
Chain reaction of amibiguous
Call to action
Imagine happiness, try to max it
Find a bliss and hope it lasts this
Last time cause I cant go back
To hanging on a single vine
Like a life line holding back
A catapult
Cause once I say its all my fault
I shoot off into a one man cult
Where im trapped inside my painful thoughts
That make it harder for me to open up
Repressin a desire to express whats up
But im free now
cause I see how
I dont need doubt
If I let it out
I have friends proud
So I say it loud
I have found now
Solid ground
Got my feet down