Nightly Musing


It seems to be mystery
this answer lost in history, whispering
about how life can survive
when it seems to break so easily
while growing so consistently
like branching leaves on trees
that dance in breeze, stretched out for sunlight beams
then die and freeze in frostbite scenes
right before Springtime to be signed up for brand new lease
on universal self recognition
found in stardust of far fusions spiraled into playful illusions
of humans with flaws and fates of their choosing

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Focus on Foundations


Meaningful progress everyday
Discipline and determination are the guides when I fall astray
When too afraid to follow fate, through the noise, then past the hate
Poised not to hesitate or simply crash and break at the smallest obstacle
A simple shake — I can handle it
I got it what it takes with new perspectives to pull me through
Harsh lessons from which I grew
Fresh breath to feel renewed as I breathe in fresh points of view
No longer living misconstrued, where my words are the dust
Of wind swept promises lost to rust and decay

No, no, no, I must not delay adaptations into this better me
To live and see dreams grow from ideas into reality
Until what’s in my mind turns into what I can see
Breaking the fallacy that wishes work without the work so easily
As it seems to be the opposite correlation
Wishes require hard work with consistent determination
Long term concerted effort of facing every challenge with smiles and elation
No longer escaping difficulty with distraction and mental displacement

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Growing Pains


Past self, fake wealth
Transform in stealth of night to join the hero’s fight
No fright in the new day
Blocked out dismay
Disarray, dreams frayed
Love fade, an empty face, this empty space
Disgraceful reflections


No, stop that self blaming
No, I’m not claiming you’re good yet
But breathe that next breath
Take that next step
Cause you ain’t done yet

So why did you put dreams on pause
Why are you scared of love
Why do you hesitate
Do you spoil fate
Why do you throw it all away

What happened to the music
The flow you pledged to never lose
In between momentous orange slices of time
Where did you put your shine
You know you can’t rewind
So stop pretending to live blind
Behind past glory, the fast story
Bloom at night, then decay in the morning
Now heed the storm’s warning

With a heart worn on your sleeve
Prepare to feel torn
To mourn conclusions
Thread’s colorful illusions
All the while choosing
A life of love fueled by the music
Ocean’s waves fused with your musing

Photographer: Tim Marshall

Amazon Prime Day Ballad

Today marks the day of Prime
When Amazon puts all on sale
From robotic floor cleaners, to Oreo snacks
In just 2 days it’ll be shipped in the mail

Don’t pass up on this opportunity to buy
50-inch TVs and a Kindle to read
Brand new headphones, or a shiny guitar
Buy based off sales, not what you need!

For what is money for, but not just to spend
On iPhone chargers and office printers
Or a 42-piece food storage set
And shoes specialized for olympic sprinters

Now is the time for you to click buy
On a two-month supply of organic dog food
Or a set of gift cards with a $10 bonus
Go to Amazon dot com, and prepare to be woo’ed

Thoughts Raised

How many nights
have turned to days
in ways
that make each
phase a haze
Out of mind
and in a daze
on auto pilot
on this
space-borne maze

There’s no variety
in the Sun that we see
So what makes a day
A day lived free?
Who decides what best
for society?
What room is left
for you
and for me?