Currents of Love and Hate

An incredibly creative and skilled friend wrote to me this morning:

Some days I feel like
A hollow shell of talent.
Nothing to show but
Phenomenal works of drawing
To make the world believe
I have it all figured out.

Still barely woken, I had no quick response. I told her that I know what I wanted to say, just not how to articulate it. Told her to expect a poem sometime later tonight. Fortunately, my pen began to hit paper during my commute into work. Here’s my response:

For every breath in
Is followed by an exhale out
Much like confidence
There is no escape from doubt
But know you’re not alone
In trying to make sense of the unknown
For history has shown
There are currents that direct us
Flows of love and hate that build and wreck us
Each new moment, a blank canvas
An opportunity matched with responsibility
To share the Love with respect and dignity
A touch of humility
As you capture the hearts and minds
Of those in your vicinity
With pen in hand
Imagination is how you break free
And you already know it wont be easy

So let go of the illusion
That it will all make sense
Believe that your heart can and will
Reflect onto life’s canvas
That there’s no way to fully plan this

But we can create
Choose to make today great
Open the eyes to those still in a state
Of disillusionment
That their life is more than a passing moment
Your talent is incredible
Raise your chin and own it
Hold on to these emotions
By putting things in motion

For with your art, you express not your understanding
But rather, your imagination in a world of  your planning

I’m quite fortunate to have a friend in which I get to communicate via poem.

If you like coffee-cup art like this, then totally check out more of her work at:
tumblr: Java Doodles
Facebook: Java Doodles



4 thoughts on “Currents of Love and Hate

    • That it is! In some way I feel as if I can never truly say this is entirely my writing. The majority of my pieces are strongly influenced by a combination of artists and thinkers who inspire me along with personal experiences I’ve amassed.

      For one example, I really love anime and I’ll tell you why. Theres a moment where the sheer camaraderie of a team leads to overcoming daunting obstacles. Somehow, someway, people accomplished impossible jobs with often the primary reason being the need to protect their friends and ideals. I get this rush of good feels about the strength of humanity and the power of giving your all to a team. Growing incredible bonds of friendship and doing more because you have a story to tell. Its this emotion that I aim to invoke in my writing and the majority of these words are merely a re-expression of what I’ve come to enjoy.

      Wow, LOL, this response turned into a (future) blog post. Sweet! I’ll take the inspiration wherever I can get it.

      Anyways, thanks for the kind words and take care.

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