I’m Disappointed and Here’s What You Need to Do

Open your eyes and see the projects you’re denying
Letting them shrivel up and face the threat of dying
You haven’t worked hard enough to secure these dreams of your mind
So start moving already and begin making use of your time

You already know these kinds of days won’t last
The clocks move the same but each second’s too fast
Leisure not worth the price of letting dreams pass
So start paying attention and get off your ass

I know there are unanswered questions outstanding
But trust me on this, it takes some understanding
That none of it exists, your time just a series of blips
Wibbly-wobbly bits of information
Stored in symbolic logic for mental integration
With many unknowns still due an explanation
So don’t get too caught up trying to escape our situation

Instead, dive in and become fully aware
No longer blind to the love in the air
Notice it here, feel it there
Start finding your reasons to care
Reasons to share a life worth living
A hero who knows that this is the way
Living with love, making use of each day
Knowing that it’ll pass regardless what we say
So let’s make a past worth remembering today

I love you and only wish for you to grow
Just trust me on this, for I definitely do know
That the hype is real, the potential in your heart is truly surreal
Melting into emotional journeys of free will
The power you have can still become a force to be reckoned with
The power of the hero not just held in myth
But in the way your soul moves forward
Moving towards a day that you believe in
Aiding dreams that need relieving
Bringing oxygen to struggling lungs that keep on breathing
Able to become more than expected, don’t ever stop dreaming

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