Time to Live

It’s time to begin
Time to bring together the lost pieces
The ones flustered in disarray
Spread out in a land of pure dismay
Where we were too afraid to live it brave

It’s time to release the tension
Been in class for so long, but never got the lesson
That it’s better to be and let be
Than cling to the depressing feeling of self pity
Feeling shitty
Self induced chains restraining the growth within me
Preventing me from finding the strength to sing free

Once disconnected in reflections of fear from imperfections
Let me cast away the state of mind that can’t hear this message
All you have is one life, make it fun and live it right
You won’t always know what that means but you will definitely feel it
This moment reveals it
No more illusions to conceal it
Awaken to the love and let your heart wield it

Express yourself and let love flow through
Grow, grow, grow as you become you
Before our days are done, there are moments to renew
We’ll likely never know all of what is true
But this music sounds so good, and oh! what a view

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