All in a Moment

Here we are on this journey
This bittersweet mix of joys and of worries
Some slow-paced but many hurried
Heads buried in flurries of distractions
Valueless stimulation stealing our time in fractions

Little moments to never again be retrieved
Let’s make them count, instead of failing to see
That this is our life
A chance to love and be free
Not just miserably
But with a head held tall
With a sense of awareness for what we know above all

That the galactic process begun eons ago
Had never really ended, we are still the show
The show of life, the days and nights
Wrongs and rights
Pulsations of lights against the darkness
Suffering amid this one bliss

Here in this moment exists our awareness
The heartbeat of a Universe with a second to witness
The magic and wonder of knowledge without limits

Surrounded by patterns of some known but many not
Where the answers remain elusive in our ever-dynamic plot
In a temporary world condemned to be forgot
And yet here we are, able to give all we’ve got

Photographer: Keith Misner

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