Don’t Tell Me You’re Stuck

Wake up from denial
Open your eyes as it’s been a while
Been a bit of time since you last cleared your mind
Of all your self doubts, worries, and binds
Self created shackles, illusions of a kind
Where instead of living free, you chose to live it blind

Forgetting that whether or not you choose to act
Time continues its march forward, never going back
No more repeats or second chances, let’s pick up the growing slack

I know this failure hurts, but it can be oh! much worse
For if you do nothing but sit by and curse
You’ll take it to the grave, from this chair to your hearse
For this reason alone, I write you this verse

Don’t tell me you’re stuck, give it a different name
Shift your perspective to one embracing change
Let this directive flow through your growing brain
You have the power to love, live and be brave
So keep moving forward, day after day

Photographer: Matthew Wiebe

7 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me You’re Stuck

  1. I’ve found (sadly) that some people who think or say they’re stuck sit there and swat solutions back like tennis balls over the conversational net. Once caring friends have exhausted all helpful ideas, the stuckee is either covertly triumphant or smugly resigned or self-indulgently despairing. Bollocks! These particular people aren’t stuck – they are decided. Not everyone who feels stuck is like that, of course. Some are existentially stuck. No matter what they think of to do, it seems wrong in relationship to someone or something. Some are embarrassed and their defenses are justifications for their other-questioned decisions. But since I hate to think of anyone being stuck, they all make me want to get a giant excavation machine and lift them up and carry them away to a high, high mountaintop, from whence it will take them SO LONG to get down and get back to where they were, that when they arrive, they’ll see that the whole world and everyone in it can get along just fine without them so they therefore are not stuck after all in relation to others. And if, upon returning, they discover that they don’t like it, they can realize that if they can travel from the mountain back home, they can also travel from home to the mountain and therefore are not stuck in relation to themselves. Freedom!

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