Watering my E-Tree with Feelings of Gratitude

This blog is now alive.

I know it now because I have a new feeling. It’s powerful — almost to the point of overwhelming. When I find myself reading through my poems, I can feel the love. Each new piece delivers a fragment of it. A single moment devoted to making sense out of chaos. A fleeting thought now given the highest priority in the world.

With the ultimate goal to be worthy of sharing
Exposing my heart to still feel the world caring
Inspires me to continue through times overbearing

See? This is how it happens. I’ll be writing one thought

And it will turn into a rhyme
Not intentionally
But just on time
As if my inner mind
Broke free
Just to find
A pen to write with
A canvas to fill
A desire to figure out
The meaning of free will

Similar to how plants require sunlight and water, this blog needs sustenance too. Each new post is like a rainfall. Your warm reactions are the accompanying sunshine. Both working together to make up the very fabric and life of my blog, or as I like to call it, my E-Tree.

As I post new content, you become aware that my E-Tree has not died. When you warmly respond to my work, I become aware that my E-Tree is appreciated. With these words, I ping the universe, and with your response, the universe pings back.

I am so grateful.

Don’t bother asking questions
About cups half empty or ones half full
Mine’s overflowing with a moment never dull
Feel the music flowing throughout my soul
Guiding me towards love along with the pursuit to grow
Aware of this blessing to just enjoy the show
Now that I understand and have come to know
That it won’t last forever
Wherever you go
It’s ok to stop for breath, you’re free to take it slow
When facing your own death, you either sit still or you grow
And I write these words so that you can feel it too
That through the chaos you too can be renewed
Misery overwhelming has now been subdued
By gratitude of plenty, appreciating the blues
No longer feeling that there’s nothing left to lose
A moment of love and hate, with an extra one to choose

Thank you for your sunlight. Without it, this blog — our E-Tree — could not exist as it does right now.


Uneasy Pause

“We are paused by the train’s dispatcher”
Stuck in traffic and just want to move faster
Keep up the pace
In the race we call life
Uneasiness takes over in the calmness of the night
Who’s right?
When so many people are coming up with answers
Conflicting ideologies just there to raise and stir
Anger and mistrust among like-bodied people
Still parts of the world where voicing thoughts remain illegal
Masses ruled by the regal
Say of few
Those at the top creating all the rules
With nothing to lose but billion dollar pools
Who view others as inhuman
Like a separate class of mules
Disregarding love and failing to resume it
Guilt-free use of slaves for monetary consuming
Danger looming
At the edifice of time
Angers fueling
Like a mine
Waiting for the trigger
Of a footstep, misstep
A moment to release death
When progress was so real now it feels deflected
Is it too late, or can we redirect it?
Has the ship to a better world sailed off into the distance?
Perhaps from a linear frame of mind
We might have just missed it

I wrote this during my morning commute into work. As you may have guessed, the train was stopped and the line that those in NYC have heard many a time became the start of today’s new rhyme.

Sidelines of War

Innocent civilians don’t deserve rubble
They deserve jobs and parks
Enjoyed without the trouble
Of separating one body from another
And wonder
When the pain will slumber
Man made storms creating hunger
Only concerned with ever sundering
A potentially connected humanity
Instead creating a world in which death is all we see
How do we break free?
Watching war from the sidelines
Firing of distant guns just sound like passing headlines

More news just paralyzes
A mind that refuses to realize that
Through the bias and through the lies
There exists a part of humanity that I despise

Finding no way to reconcile
Today replaced with old denial
That we can’t just love and live a while
Hate and fear create thoughts like bile

So let’s be the generation that can rise above
For if no one is left to teach the world
How will it ever learn the power of love?

Dreams in the Mirror: Part 8

I’m here now, call me Mr. President
There’s some things you need to know
As my aim’s to set a precedent
Of a new style of possible mindset
That beyond the pain life can get better yet
Though as fragile as it’ll ever be
Let’s be agile in acting preemptively
Finding value in our hearts
As well as in our trees
It’s never too late to start
I’m here to make you believe
That you can either inspire or you can grieve
About loss not yet incurred
Yet loss guarenteed
Any other outcome is absurd

So now is the time to make your voice heard
No not just yours
But ours
Speaking collectively
That love is what we really need

Love for the world
Love for the self
Love the birds
Love for the rest

Next: Part 9 – 8/11/2014

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So make the most of it
Dont fall and quit
On your heart
The moment it tears apart
Loss is coming and it’s going to pack a punch
Death is around the corner, this isn’t just a hunch
Wake up – Now is the time to wake up!
Emotions are coming and you need to be strong
Enough to embrace them
Enough to move on
But never forgetting
That the dead live on
So long as you remember
To continue their song

Cause in life we are a combination of these two things
A self that experiences and a self that thinks
We are the sum of our total experiences
With a capacity of our human awareness
When the time comes when we pass this
The only loss is the continuous additiveness
To our own take on lifes experiences

Storing shared moments
Of a fleeting bliss
Sprinkled with bits of painfulness
Yet look at all the togetherness
Envision the people that led to this
See this world as a communal wish
To grasp this ideal of happiness
From them a lesson not to miss
That in the end,
Gratitude is the answer to anguish