The Grand Distraction


Not now
not dead yet
none left to fret with work left to finish
cause I’m not yet diminished to the ashes
of burnt out passions
of past lives lost in forgetting
what is this-ness

Know this to be more than what consciousness can comprehend
no more pretending in how we view Society
in how we view the You and Me
the gap between our eyes that see
hidden fallacies
carefully balancing
attempts to understand reality

With continous days unknowingly numbered
we play at living infinite

Photographer: Jordan McQueen

A Reminder for Gratitude

I give up
as death’s already ‘round that corner
I’ve found myself a mourner for time that has yet to pass
Always looking at the top and bottom
never at the center
of our hourglass representing each passing second
with no chance at seconds

I fucked up
when I promised to do so much
Visions of grandeur – Side projects galore
I boasted to build it all, but ended up a bore
Believing words alone could bring dreams to life
Forgetting that only through day and night
can we truly shine light
on whatever inner gratitude feels is right

A Glorious Life

Dreams don’t come around so easily
Not with lazy days sitting so idle
It takes some effort, a level of consistency

Break away from your hardening denial
Let go of how it was meant to be
Unknown destiny, life was never a trial

But simply a moment to hear and see
Able to perceive from galaxies to the atomic
Slowly solving the puzzle, the mystery

Able to see life much like a blank comic
Where each panel was left to be made
By the stroke of your brush and a little bit of logic

This is the dance before all we know must fade
So in the end let us cherish that we gloriously played

Photographer: Sebastian Marchand

I‘m currently in a poetry workshop where we have to experiment with different forms. This poem is following the Terza Rima scheme:

Terza rima is a rhyming verse stanza form that consists of an interlocking three-line rhyme scheme. It was first used by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. (Terza rima – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Love Infused Stardust

One step, one note
Just one motion forward
The choice of moving toward the next expression of life
Each passing day and night blinking like a flashing light
Until the day that tragic strikes
And then we remember just how short the journey is
Yearning for more, barely able to bear this inevitable sense of doom
Death around the corner, the ever-present sense of gloom
But then it makes me laugh at how mad it all is

An infinite series of patterns growing out of grasp
And here we are
Despite all the pain able to choose to rise and love again
Able to wear that smile ’till it rings true, cause a smile shared is not just for you
It’s contagious — outrageous! — the infectious speed of connecting across the ages
Call it an ideal against all these shifting deals between the powers that be
Yet in this moment let’s not forget the power in you and me

Photographer: Nicole Eliason

A Reminder to Live

Raise your chin and begin again
For this moment is differing
A new song now for you to sing
A new chance for you to bring together your soul into a single fraction of time
Every ounce of your being, all put on the line
To live a life worth living, not just for dying
Not just complying with every rule given
As if life itself had a directions page, straight from the beginning
Where the laws were put in place with no room for disagreeing
No, life is defined through the process of your being
Through your growth and your love while continually seeing
This gratitude for existence, appreciation for feeling

Not afraid of confronting my own pain
Once broken and stranded, only left with the remains
Trying to figure out how to salvage the wreckage
As if life is a conversation with just a hidden message
As if there’s one secret answer, and then I’ll just get this
Acquire my own bliss
No longer in loneliness
No longer alone and feeling the torment of emotions stuck on hell-bent desires
Self-destructive tendencies lighting personal fires
Where I kept falling into currents of depravity
Easily giving up, avoiding all that challenged me
Impulsive desires urged living lazily
“To sit back and take it slow
Why do it now, when tomorrow you can grow?”

To that voice in my head, I say take a closer look
You’ve seen a friend die, like the unexpected end of a book
What about Ben Zukoff
The one who can not graduate
Whose sudden cancer changed his fate
Don’t give me this bull-shit preventing your dreams of late
With breath in your lungs, your power can create
Can create the ideas and dreams that fill your mind
Bringing time and space into something to find
Giving meaning to life in attempts to unwind
The difficulty of living philosophically blind

Last Thursday I shared this at an open mic poetry slam at my college. First time reading my work in front of more than like 4 people! I tried to recite it from memory, but 3 lines in, I forgot the whole thing. So I grabbed my phone to help me remember it all. Once I read one line, I was back to performing it from memory. I wish I could say the rest went smoothly, however, I stopped mid sentence during the end of the piece. Having to stop and repeat my favorite part of the poem did not make me a happy camper. But, I signed up again and shared Welcome to Blue Skies, and didn’t miss a beat! 😀


Happiness Resonation

We are the universe
Among these stars lay our own verse
Of a song sung by everything in existence
Every breath of life dancing to each passing instance
Of impending death advancing, yet still in the distance

The line between where we start and where we end
Is as blurry as it’ll ever be, to know is just pretend
For in this very second
This fleeting moment of time
Here is consciousness aware of being alive
Able to experience the days and the nights
The darks and the lights
Wrongs and rights
All seem to come together
When understanding one does not exist without the other
As ‘yes’ is what gives meaning to the definition of ‘no’
To understand hot, you must also think of cold
A persistent polarity revealing the secrets I wish to know

That a life of happiness can only be led by living one with sadness in tow
While resonating with our World, and always choosing to grow

Nitrogen Wishes

What if I told you I don’t always feel like an optimist
That beyond the fog and growing mist
A doubt still holds on to any sense of stable understanding
Briefest sanity shakes on loosest standing

This must be the consequence of identifying
Our plot-line of stories intertwined
As part of Humanity of a total whole
A conflicted history of which the victors wrote
An ever-changing tale of Yes and of No
Cognizant of choices resonating with my soul
My flow
Amazingly aware in what it means to grow
That if you put effort into your life
You could reap what you’ve always sown

But this lack of guarantee doesn’t give me the thrill
That a roll of dice for a dollar surely will
Instead, an uncertainty grows, impossible to kill
Doubt overwhelming when contemplating my free will
For the answers remain elusive
No one knows the truth underneath
And yet I attempt to preach with such capacity
Such audacity to take this electronic megaphone to the world
And write as if I’ve got it all figured out
That when all is said and done, I’ve conquered all my doubts

I’m here to say that’s farthest from the truth
This battle between confidence and uncertainty
Lingers long beyond my youth
Let me announce that I have no answers
I merely seek to craft thoughts into rhymes
As recently it’s been the best way to calm my mind
So many questions and answers to find
Yet none available, we remain oh! so blind
To what is truly underneath
The atoms of bed sheets
The air of which we breathe

Science and philosophy still falling short
In the realm of understanding totality of existence
With polarity in persistence
Of patterns and opposites
Lightness and darknesses
Suffering alongside this one bliss
Every breath of air the chance for a new wish
A fresh sense of courage for the story still unfinished
Comprised of the hero with a heart not diminished
But rather, still focused on making growth his one mission

Photographer: Lee Scott

Don’t Black Out


I’d rather wallow in despair
Than not be aware
Blacked out with actions lacking of care
With no way to know what type of control
My drunken state of consciousness will choose to show
As I can not fathom what it means to not remember
Blacked out with actions
Unaware of the embers
Potential fires I could have lit
Words consequential which easily could have hit
The life I’m trying to build
The one of figuring out my own free will
But when I’m drunk to the point of amnesia
I have the potential to accidentally kill

Story Yet Unwritten

Too soon to give up on this project
Not yet
Can’t let my friends be the only ones to progress
Change must come in order to have this sense of accomplishment
Rewarded for the hardness
Goals on the hinges
Standing before life’s doorstep of infinite mountains
Now I wonder what there is to fret
So I’m done building up my handicap
The game’s already begun and here comes the second act

It’s all about discipline
Don’t mind past mistakes
Just call them the introduction to the story yet unwritten
That doesn’t have to be about how you’ve been sitting
Letting life slip by like a roller coaster ride
Without taking the steering wheel
To try to make this theme kart fly
Off the tracks to soar in the roaring sky
No longer held back by self limitations
Looking Death in the eye with a cheerful Salutations
An habitual sense of greatness
Comes hand in hand with long-term discipline
Investing the energy to finally reel in
Impulsive desires that tell you to stop moving forward
“To sit back and take it slow
Why do it now, when tomorrow you can grow?”

To that voice in my head, I say take a closer look
You’ve seen a friend die, like the unexpected end of a book
There is no preparation or form of escape
That overpowers the emotions of facing our fate
Regardless what we do, whether we act or we wait
We will die, so why not LIVE GREAT
Use the freedom that fueled the dreams of late
To look within and without to continually create

Photographer: Tanvi Malik

Responsibility of Life


Use more than imagination
You have a body
To put life in action
Demonstrate your words
Through creating ever lasting
Moments of inspiration
Bring the change we’ve all been asking for
Wishing for
Prove that you can rise up off this sullen floor
Life’s too short to live it like a bore
Become the hero of your heart and more
People will follow once they see that you’ve sworn
To grow and encourage others
Moving forward, but without the scorn

As if you were born to be a conduit of Love
Remember there is no defined purpose
Only choices that resurface
In the ever continuing moments of time and space
Enter your mind and look to replace
A moment of regret with a moment of choice
A life of fret is an injustice to those without a voice
Taken by death, unable to read these words
Forever gone to the existing world
But not in our hearts

For we sing for those who lived

Those who died
We remember because WE ARE ALIVE
So don’t just cry
Match those tears with laughter beside
Let gratitude overwhelm you
For the ground below a stunning sky
Appreciate our lows along with the ecstatic highs
Take this moment to recognize
The responsibility of being alive
Is to appreciate the world
While it’s your turn to wake and rise

For EDM lovers, I wrote part of this song while listening to Galantis – Runaway (U & I)
Photographer: Jake Hills